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 Upper Room

March 19 – April 16th, 2023


The Upper Room discourse that Jesus shared with his disciples.

Introduction: Jesus spent the final hours of his life before being arrested with his disciples in the upper room.  In this upper room, Jesus shared some memorable moments with his chosen students.  As we move through these chapters of John, we will experience the passion of Jesus in those final moments with his closet friends.  We are invited to join the disciples in the Upper Room as Jesus prepares his disciples for what comes next in their lives.

Mar. 19th       Title: Jesus is the example                                                 
                       Text: John 13:12-17

                  Theme: Jesus shows us what it means to be a servant


Mar. 26th       Title: Jesus is the way                                                        
                       Text: John 14:5-7

                  Theme: Jesus shows us the way to draw close to God


Apr. 2nd       Title: Jesus is the vine 
                     Text: John 15:1-4

                 Theme: Jesus shows us the keys to becoming an effective disciple


Apr. 9th      Title: Jesus is the one                                                           
                   Text: John 16:29-33

               Theme: Jesus shows us that he is the one who brings us peace


Apr. 16th    Title: Jesus is the Son                                                           
                   Text: John 17:20-26

               Theme: Jesus shows us that there is still work to be done


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