The Lord’s Prayer

January 22 – March 12, 2023


Connecting with God through our prayers

Introduction: One day while Jesus was praying, the disciples took note of our Savior’s words.  This disciple asked Jesus to teach them to pray just as John had done for his followers.  This is when Jesus delivered what has come to be called, “The Lord’s Prayer.”  This series of messages looks at the prayer Jesus gave His disciples.  Prayer is one way that we can connect with our Father in Heaven.  Let’s consider how this series can help strengthen our prayer life.


Jan. 22nd         

Title: The prayer of Connection      

Text: Luke 11:2                     

Theme: We are praying to our God in Heaven


Jan. 29th         

Title: The prayer of Surrender       

Text: Luke 11:2

Theme: We are praying that God’s will be done on Earth


Feb. 5th           

Title: The prayer of Dependence    

Text: Luke 11:3

Theme: We are praying that God will supply our daily needs


Feb. 12th

Title: The prayer of Cleansing         

Text: Luke 11:4

Theme: We are praying that God would forgive us


Feb. 19th 

Title: Dan Larsson

Text:  TBD

Theme: Representing Pinehaven Children’s Ranch


Feb. 26th  

Title: Randy Pim

Text:  TBD

Theme: Representing Camp Allendale


March 5th 

Title: The prayer of Release

Text: Luke 11:4

Theme: We are praying that God would help us release others who hurt us


March 12th     

Title: The prayer of Deliverance     

Text: Luke 11:4

Theme: We are praying that God would deliver us from evil:





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