December Sermon Series

Matthew and Luke

The angels brought three powerful messages that first Christmas.

Introduction: People love decorating their homes for Christmas with trees, lights, and other holiday favorites.   There are some who top their trees with a Christmas angel.  These heavenly figures serve as a reminder that there were angels involved in the first Christmas which took place in Bethlehem.  This series will revisit the three occasions when the angels came to share an impactful message with the people involved in the nativity scene.  As we look at these statements made by the angels, we will consider their impact on our lives today.


Dec. 3rd             Title: God is the Judge                   Text: Isaiah 33:20-24            

                              Theme: Let’s acknowledge that God is our judge     

Dec. 10th           Title: The angel visited Joseph                                         Text: Matthew 1:18-25


                              Theme: Sometimes God gives us difficult tasks to complete


Dec. 17th           Title: The angel visited Mary                                             Text: Luke 1:26-38

                              Theme: Sometimes God performs the impossible through us


Dec. 24th           Title: The angels visited the Shepherds                       Text: Luke 2:8-20

                              Theme: Sometimes God uses unlikely people to spread His word





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