the word of the Lord



Looking at the life of Jesus who came into this world to save us from our sins

Introduction: Christmas is about celebrating the arrival of our Savoir, Jesus Christ.  We all enjoy receiving Christmas cards in the mail.  This series comes from the saying on the front of a card we received some years ago.   Let’s celebrate the gift of Jesus which was given long ago so that we today might enjoy His presence.

Dec. 4th

Title: The humble servant

Text: John 5:16-23

Theme: Jesus came to secure our future


Dec. 11th

Title: The Good Shepherd

Text: John 10:11-18

Theme: Jesus came to guide our lives


Dec. 18th

Title: The Prince of Peace

Text: John 14:25-31

Theme: Jesus came to change our hearts


Dec. 25th

Title: The Lamb of God

Text: John 1:29-34

Theme: Jesus came to die for our sins


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