Two Chairs: Matthew Chapter 5



Jesus spoke to the people about being happy, light, and right in the Lord

Introduction: When Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, he had the people sit down on the hillside so that they could listen to him.  Jesus would address issues that were relevant for their lives.  The beauty of the Savior’s message is that it still speaks to us today.  This the first of three parts in our summer sermon series that will cover Jesus’ message.


June 2nd             Title: Be Happy                Text: Matthew 5:1-12

                         Theme: Jesus talks about how we can live a blessed life in the world today


June 9th              Title: Be Salt                    Text: Matthew 5:13-16

                          Theme: Jesus talks about how we can live as salt in the world today


June 16th           Title: Be Right                   Text: Matthew 5:17-48

                         Theme: Jesus talks about how we can fulfill God’s law in the world today



Sunday Morning Worship – Live Event

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Spring Cleaning Day 2024 – They accomplished a lot of projects.  
Bowling 2024 with Tom and Mark getting top scores for two games. 
This year’s Afternoon Tea