annual report



Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!, Philippians 4:4 (NIV)
In this report you will find a record of the many varied programs which together make up the ministry of Cumberland Christian Church. May we see in these reports not merely a listing of statistics and events, but evidence of the vital and enthusiastic life that is shared here by those who trust, follow and set their hope upon our Lord Jesus Christ.
I. AGENDA – 2018 Annual Meeting Page 3
II. MINUTES – 2017 Annual Meeting Pages 4-5
III. STAFF AND BOARD REPORTS Senior Minister Page 6 Youth Page 7 Worship Arts Ministry Page 7 Elders Page 8 Deacon Page 8 Church Board Page 9 Trustee Page 10 IV. MINISTRY REPORTS Outreach & Involvement Page 11 Audio/Video Team Page12 Security/Safety Team Page 12 V. EDUCATION Education Team Page 13 Sunday School Teachers Page 13 Nursery Page 14 Adult Sunday School Class Summary Pages 14-15 Small Group Bible Studies Page 15 VI. MISSIONS AND BENEVOLENCE Missions and Benevolence Report Page 16 Financial Report Page 17
VII. FINANCIAL REPORTS Financial Secretary Page 18 Recap of Operating Funds Page 19 Proposed Budget Pages 20-22 Graph of attendance, missions, general offerings Page 23
September 19, 2018
OPENING – Prayer and Scripture
QUORUM – 25% eligible voters present
MINUTES – 2017 Annual Meeting
NEXT ANNUAL MEETING – September 18, 2019 ADJOURNMENT – Prayer
The 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting of the Cumberland Christian Church
Chairman Mark Mayhew called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. He then shared a devotion about God’s timing. Even when we cannot see God’s plan, we are still in His heart and hands. The Gospel of Luke begins with the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth who were childless and beyond the childbearing age. But they were in God’s plan and they became the parents of John the Baptist in their old age. We, His church here in Cumberland don’t understand his timing for our growth as we are trying to remain faithful. But we can’t forget we are still in his heart and hands. Mark then led us in prayer.
There were 23 of the 50 eligible voters present, thus providing a quorum.
Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting were accepted as written.
Dennis Clark and Tony Pitman were asked to serve as the Balloting Committee. Election ballots were distributed for the following candidates; Deacon – Hank Gregg and John Pickett.
The Leadership, Ministry Team, Missions, and Financial Reports were reviewed. The question was asked if we could separate the General and College Fund income into separate columns? Yes, the 3% for the College Fund will be in a separate column in the future.
The graphs on the last page of this report plot the average weekly; Attendance, General Offering and Missions. The question was asked if we could plot the total to monthly figures to follow the pattern of the Financial Report? Yes, this will be done in the future.
Old Business – None
New Business –
The Proposed Budget for the fiscal year 2017-2018 was presented. It was requested that in the future we add a column for last year’s 2016-2017 budget? Okay. For last year 2016-2017 our actual income was $138,350 while our actual expenses were $155,750. In effect we must borrow this from our Capital Improvement Fund. In order to be fiscally responsible we must bring our budgeted expenses in line with our anticipated income. In order to make this happen we have to make a significant cut by eliminating the position of Administrative Assistant. This is not something we want to do, but feel we have to do. Who would do the work Lorie presently does? We will need volunteers to perform these tasks. Perhaps some other items will have to be eliminated.
The question was asked why the Education Team has a budget of $3,500 while spending only $1,850 last year? Their previous budget was $5,100, but the Youth Program and Summer Programs have been reduced. The question was asked why the Employee Expenses have been reduced from $4,000 to $1,750? Our payroll taxes will be reduced because of the elimination of the Administrative Assistant.
There is a slight difference between the Proposed Budget for 2017-2018 and income from last year. We presently have over 30 giving units in this church. If each of us would give just $5 more per week, we would cover this difference.
Tom then presented our plan for the future. Most churches of all sizes in our country are struggling. We cannot just put our heads in the sand and hope things get better. Your leadership, Tom, Art, and Mark have been praying for direction, a vision from God. CDF Capital is an organization that helps churches move forward by providing leadership development. They can help us by coaching our leadership then involving the people. Our message will never change, but some of our methods may change.
Tom outlined a plan for Phase One – 0 to 6 months. This involves; Coaching for Leadership, Crafting a New Story, Cosmetic Improvements, and Capital Investment. Then Tom present Phase Two – 6 months to 2 years. This involves making capital improvements to our buildings, which would enhance our ministries here, make our building ADA compliant and also make our property more saleable in the possible future. The cost of Phase Two would be approximately $6,000. This would come from the unencumbered Capital Improvement Fund.
The people enthusiastically indicated their support for us to move forward with this plan.
The results of the election were announced. Both Hank Gregg and John Pickett will now serve as Deacons in the Cumberland Christian Church for the next three years.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm with prayer by Tom Scott.
The next Annual Congregational Meeting will be Wednesday, September 19, 2018.
Art Liphard Clerk


Senior Minister’s Report
The one word that could best be used to summarize the last year is revitalization. According to the Encarta Dictionary it is a word that means to give new life or energy to somebody or something. That has been our hope, our goal, and our mission since our last annual meeting. The leadership of the church spent six months working with a coach from Leadership Capital trying to access where the church is at and where the Lord may be leading us. During the course of the coaching, we looked at every aspect of the church to see where improvements were needed. There have been some positive results which have come out of our efforts to revitalize the church. Much of the lower level has been painted with a new color scheme. A huge effort was given to decluttering the building and replacing some of the worn out furniture. The leadership approved a new set of core values which reflects our desire to Impact Lives For God within this community. We are increasing our priority on offering guests some next steps when it comes to following up with them. A pilot group has been working through a discipling model that we want to implement this fall. Another group is working on creating a brand new website for the church that will help us attract more guests. These are just some of the results that have come out of this revitalization effort. The church has already seen several benefits as a result of this effort, but we are still praying for even greater results. I encourage you to join the effort in praying that God will open new doors for us by which we might see others come into the church. This year our preaching emphasis has been on the spiritual journey which the Lord has marked out for us. We have enjoyed some time in God’s word as we focused on four segments to this journey. During the summer months our adventure took us through the book of Romans which has been great. Paul’s letter is still as relevant today as it was some two thousand years ago. The fall months will have us looking at how we encourage individuals to come to the church and get plugged into the family of God. Time has been spent looking forward to 2019 where our preaching emphasis will turn our attention to the fruit of the Spirit. The key thought for next year will center on becoming an irresistible follower of Christ. We become irresistible when we produce these nine different qualities mentioned by Paul in Galatians chapter five. I’m excited to see where these messages take us and the potential they have to impact the lives of those we come into contact with on a daily basis. Once again I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all that this church has done over the past dozen years. There is a good heart here that beats strong for the Lord. We may not be great in size, but you are great in love. Thank you for the opportunity to travel along with you for the past twelve years. It is an honor to serve the Lord. My prayer is that God will continue to lead the way as we relentlessly pursue the prize which the Lord has waiting for us at the end of this race.
In His Service, Tom Scott
Youth Report
Jesus had a special place in his heart when it came to children. The disciples wanted to send the children away, but Jesus invited them to come closer. As a church, that has been our desire as well. We want to see our children grow into spiritual leaders, whether they stay here or move on to another church. This past year, that effort has been realized in a lot of ways. We continue to encourage our students to get plugged into a ministry of the church whether that is serving in the video booth, picking up used communion cups, or helping out in the classrooms. We had two teenagers graduate this year and we celebrate their achievement. Both Noah and Ali have been tremendous when it comes to serving within the church. A number of activities were planned for the youth throughout the year and we enjoyed both the fun times and serious occasions. Please keep our students in your prayers as they walk with the Lord through some difficult valleys. There is much out there in our world to distract our students when it comes to traveling on the path which Jesus has prepared for them. We are grateful for all those who have helped nurture the next generation of leaders within the church.
Worship Arts Ministry’s Report
Hello, I am Jason Thompson, worship leader at CCC. I have been here since February 2016. As it stands right now, my intent for the worship team is that we do the best with the resources we have, and do our best to help foster a positive worship experience every week. That is my general, overall goal for our team each Sunday, and I will do my part prayerfully to help us adapt to whatever the Lord has in store for us as a believing Body.
Elder’s Report
This has been a year of preparation. As we look forward to the future, we are seeing positive changes in the church. Financially, our income has exceeded our expenses. Much effort has been made in upgrading the church building by decluttering, painting, better signage, and new furniture. We have lost some members, but we have welcomed some new ones. Together, let’s seek God’s blessings as we impact lives for God.
Art Liphard Mark Mayhew
Deacon’s Report
The term deacon is defined as a servant-leader and is found in Acts 6. Deacons serve in a supportive role to the elders and as a member of the church board to set policy, vision and direction for the church.
In First Timothy 3:8-13, these verses serve as guidelines to qualify as a deacon. At Cumberland Christian Church, a deacon serves as an Undershepherd and is expected to attend three of the four scheduled board meetings. The term of office is for three years and a person may serve continuous terms if re-elected by the congregation.
Thank you to all Deacons, Undershepherds, Servers, and all those who prepare communion each week, for their devoted service.
Dale Horner, Team leader
Church Board’s Report
The church board is made up of the Elders, Deacons, and Trustees who are elected to three year terms by the congregation. The Minister is an ex-officio member. These men represent you as they meet at least quarterly to conduct the business of the church. The following are highlights of these meetings:
October 8, 2017 – The following were elected as officers for 2017-2018: Board Chairman – Mark Mayhew, Vice-Chairman – Art Liphard, Financial Secretary – Dean Darling, Treasurer – Greg Albright, Sunday Superintendent – Hank Gregg/Rhonda Mayhew, Assistant SS Superintendent – Jena Willey. At the Annual Meeting on September 20, 2017, Tom presented a two phase plan from CDF Capital to help us move forward as a church. It was approved to proceed with Phase 1 at a cost of $6,000.
November 14, 2017 – A CORE Team of key church leaders was formed and met with the CDF coach to proceed with Phase 1 of our program. First, we must decide to either stay at our present location or go to a new location in Hancock County. After discussing the pros and cons of moving, no real consensus came out of this meeting.
February 13, 2018 – Jase continues to serve as our Worship leader in spite of his cancer treatments. Income is exceeding our expenses. The CORE Team continues to meet and decided that we should remain at this location for now. We have much to do before we will be ready to move, but that is our long term goal. The Education Team is busy revamping our classrooms with the theme, “The Way Forward.”
May 8, 2018 – Jase has completed all cancer treatments. The income continues to exceed our expenses. The CORE Team will be learning the 4 Chair Discipling program. Ray Lester continues to repair and paint the downstairs of the building.
August 14, 2018 – With Dennis Clark’s leadership we have saved a significant amount by changing insurance companies. We are preparing to launch the 4 Chair Discipling program and also a men’s BMW program. We will have a new nominee for Deacon – Matt Sampson. The three Trustees will now have staggered terms. The projected income for the year will exceed the projected expenses by approximately $3,000. It has been far too long since Tom Scott has had a pay raise. Therefore, the proposed budget for next year will include a $3,000 raise for our minister.
Attendance for the five Board Meetings is as follows:
Elders Deacons Trustees
Liphard 5 Albright 5 Clark 3 Mayhew 5 Gregg 4 Pitman 5 Horner 5 Pickett 3 Trustee’s Report
The three trustees are overseers of the building and grounds of the church. Each year they work hard to ensure that the building is kept up-to-date and safe. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to this ministry.
Some projects accomplished this year:
⦁ Sealed driveway ⦁ Fixed water leak on basement wall ⦁ Built a wall in rWorship classroom, installed new light fixtures ⦁ New A/C filters ⦁ New toilet seat in men’s restroom ⦁ New hot water heater in ladies’ restroom ⦁ Painted most all of the classrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen, and other areas of the church ⦁ New blinds in Kum-Join-Us classroom ⦁ Held a Spring cleaning day ⦁ Worked on phone lines
Some future projects being planned:
⦁ Fix the baptistery ⦁ Repair concrete wall along the main driveway ⦁ Replace lights in fellowship hall and kitchen ⦁ Basic repairs that are needed for the building In His Service Bill Reynolds Tony Pitman Dennis Clark Trustees


Outreach & Involvement
The Outreach and Involvement Team exists to plan and coordinate possible ways of reaching out to our community in an effort to impact lives for God. The team also reaches out to our membership in order that they may have a closer relationship to each other.
The members of this team are: Mark Mayhew, Tom Scott, Dewesa Kinnett, Stacey Whittington, and Randi Sampson. This team works together to plan, promote and support different activities to get involved with our community and encourage fellowship in our church family.
Here are some highlights from this team’s activities:
⦁ October – Hay Ride @ Southeastway Park Truth and Treat – Halloween alternative
⦁ November – Thanksgiving Dinner here at the church
⦁ December – German Christmas market downtown Cumberland Christmas Baskets for The Caring Place
⦁ March – Recognition of New Members Bowling activity in Greenfield
⦁ May – National Day of Prayer service at town hall
⦁ August – National Night Out with the Police
The Outreach and Involvement Team is thankful for your continued prayers as we look ahead to the future. The team invites your ideas and involvement as we work to provide a variety of meaningful and impactful activities for our community as well as our congregation.
Audio/Video Team
The Audio/Visual Team is responsible for providing A/V support during church services and special events as required. This past year there were no upgrades or repairs made. Thank you to the team for performing their duties in an efficient manner.
Dale Horner Team Leader
Audio/Visual Team Hank Gregg Dale Horner
Security/Safety Team
We, as the security team, have been blessed to serve the Church and the people who have attended during the past year. Our purpose and hope is to provide a safe environment for worship, study, and community for everyone who attends and works at Cumberland Christian Church. I would like to thank the team members who unselfishly give of their time and sacrifice their time of worship and study to serve and protect the property and the people of Cumberland Christian Church. Beginning this fiscal year, Terry Kinnett will be taking on the responsibility of Security Team Leader. If there are any concerns or security improvements you would like to see, or if you would like to serve on the team, please contact Terry. In His service, Mark Mayhew
Security Team Tony Pitman Bill Reynolds Terry Kinnett V. EDUCATION
Education Team
Education Ministry Team Report “Then Phillip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.” Acts 8:35
The Education Ministry Team’s primary purpose is to provide the proper tools so that the entire congregation may receive an effective religious education. We have several classes that cover all age groups. Growing deeper in each other’s faith should be our goal in these education programs.
Sunday School Teachers/Youth Leaders Class Teacher Nursery Dewesa Kinnett and volunteers Grades 1-6 Tom Scott and Vicki St. Clair Grades 7-12 Rhonda Mayhew and Melissa Nixon CIA Terry Kinnett Discovery Mark Mayhew and Karen Pitman Kum Join Us Art Liphard Wee Worship Dedra Scott and volunteers rWorship Dedra Scott and volunteers
This year we have decluttered and updated the nursery. We discarded many old, worn out toys and bought a few new ones. We divided the nursery in to a toddler side and an infant side. We placed a bright and cheery rug for the infants to play on and we bought a new pack-an-play instead of the out dated crib we had. The toddler side was updated with new toys and a better layout. We also now have a mom’s room for nursing mothers. This has been decorated and has a pack-an-play that was donated to the church. The cabinets in the nursery received a new coat of paint which really brightened up the entrance to the nursery. The nursery now has a bright and updated look and is more functional than it was before. We have received many compliments on the new look. We still offer care during Sunday School, but at this point we have no babies or toddlers during this time. During worship we have one child and need more volunteers. We continue to make the nursery a loving and nurturing environment for those we care for.
Dewesa Kinnett
Adult Sunday School Class Summary
Kum Join-Us Class
The Kum-Join-Us Class meets each week in the Chapel. Art Liphard is the teacher of the class and they study the Standard Adult Lessons. The class supports Emrys and Usha Rees, missionaries in India on a regular basis. During the past year, monetary gifts were provided for two families in the church as well as for the Hurricane Harvey fund and for Shepherd Community. Kum-Join-Us on Sundays at 9:30am.
The Discovery Class
The Discovery Class is taught by Mark Mayhew and meets in the Conference Room (next to the minister’s office). The class is currently in a study of the book of Proverbs. Our studies vary from books of the Bible to topical studies. The studies are chosen by class participants. The class chooses a different mission to support each year with their Sunday school offering. On occasion, we will provide financial help with the personal needs within and outside the church. The class periodically will have activities away from the church. The teaching style is open participant discussion from paperback study guides.
The CIA Class The CIA (Christians In Action) class continues to evolve. The Spring & Summer CIA program provided an alternative to the traditional lesson based curriculum. Our focus was on action based prayer centered on the needs of those in the class. Emphasis was centered on care, concern and active member participation. Our Fall and Winter program will continue to emphasize prayer, but bring a lesson based component back into the classroom environment. Scripture combined with practical application will continue to dominate the direction and focus of the CIA class. Action based Christianity and Bible relevancy to everyday life are concepts the class seeks to convey. Terry Kinnett
Small Group Bible Studies
This past year, the focus of our small group ministry has been on strengthening those groups which meet at church. There is a Bible study which takes place on Wednesday morning which was led by Art Liphard and a group that meets on Wednesday night led by Tom Scott and Bill Swindler. On Sunday nights a group meet to discuss the morning message. This group was led by Tom Scott. During the summer months a small group of individuals met as part of a pilot group for our fall campaign. Dennis Clark oversaw this small group effort. We are working towards having at least four small groups meeting this fall as part of a campaign entitled, “4 chair discipling.”
Dennis Clark
There were 5 Small Group Bible Studies within Cumberland Christian Church this past year
⦁ Wednesday morning Study Group – Art Liphard, Leader ⦁ Wednesday evening Study Group – Tom Scott, Leader ⦁ 1st Saturday Men’s Bible Study & Breakfast, Tom Scott, Leader ⦁ 4th Thursday Joy 4 Jesus ⦁ Sunday Evening Study Group



Missions and Benevolence Report
One of the blessings of this church is its commitment to missions. Once again the congregation has shown generosity in its giving to those serving the Lord in other places. We are grateful for our mission’s team which meets monthly to discuss the works which we support. Those who served on the team are Nancy Sichting, Greg Albright, Art Liphard, Jennifer St. Clair, Tom Scott, and Steve Allison.
Faith Promise Rally In April, the church was blessed to have Pastor Hubert Nolan with us from the Hope Center which is located on the eastern edge of Marion County. Pastor Nolan did a great job of presenting the work of the Hope Center to the congregation and we have had several individuals get plugged into the ministry they are seeking to accomplish. Several individuals from the church have been on a tour of the facility and we have even more who would like to visit the mission. The congregation has pledged to give $32,000 towards missions which will allow us to maintain our current levels of giving.
Summer Camp Again this year, a team from the church participated in Mission Allendale which is a high school week of camp at Allendale that focuses on completing work projects. Individuals from the church have volunteered at both camps and we are still waiting to complete the family cabin at Allendale.
Additional Giving Opportunities Throughout the year, the congregation has been very generous when it comes to giving above and beyond their normal faith promise commitments. We have collected pill bottles for FAME, scrap metal for a new roof on a church in Africa, apparel for Wheeler Mission, and canned good items for the COME ministry.
Mission Spotlight A renewed effort has been placed on including our missions in the weekly worship service through a variety of different means. During the month of July, videos were shown of our missionaries reading the opening scripture passages. Pictures were shown during the offering time of the roof being placed on the church in Africa. Quarterly mission statements have been inserted into the bulletins.



We are blessed with a number of missionaries who are doing great things around the world and right here in our back yard. Please keep our missions in your prayers as they face difficulties just like we do. These individuals desire our love and support as they “Take hope out into the world.”
FINANCIAL REPORT for Sep. 2017 – Aug. 2018
Beginning Balance – Sept 01, 2017       $7,487.16
Receipts         $35,875.14
Transfer From Designated Fund       + $0.00
TOTAL         $43,362.30
Expenditures (see details below)       $33,029.78
Closing Balance – August 31, 2018       $10,332.52
  Balance in Missions Trip Account     $944.79
  Balance in Camp Scholarship Account $653.00
  Unrestricted       $8,734.73
Expenditures (Detail)
Foreign Missions          
Khasi Hills Ministries Phillip and Margaret Ho       $4,500.00
Polish Christian Ministries Tytus Pikalski       $2,500.00
Central Brazil Mission Earl and Ruth Haubner       $6,100.00
Agape Russian Ministries Dr. Bill Bicknell       $6,100.00
IDES international disaster relief     $400.00
National Missions          
Pinehaven Children’s Ranch Bob and Nancy Larsson       $2,500.00
Hope Center women’s shelter       $1,900.00
Wheeler Mission/Care Center homeless shelter       $1,200.00
Shepherd Community neighborhood center       $1,200.00
Camp Allendale (camper fees for Summer 2018 + special gifts)     $1,090.00
Mahoning Valley Camp (camper fees for Summer 2018)       $0.00
Mano de Amistad Humberto and Becky Ramirez     $3,700.00
C.O.M.E. food pantry       $1,200.00
Speakers’ Fees & Expenses         $425.00
Missions Trip Expenses         $0.00
Benevolence         $208.80
Miscellaneous         $5.98
Total Expenditures         $33,029.78
VII. FINANCIAL REPORTS Financial Secretary
      Financial Secretary 2017-2018    
      Yearly Financial Income Report    
SEP 17   9,226.82 755.00 2,394.88 323.00 188.30 12,888.00
OCT 17   10,219.93 315.00 2,616.50 29.00 208.57 13,389.00
NOV 17   9,729.00 1,060.00 3,204.75 324.00 198.55 14,516.30
DEC 17   20,316.91 198.00 3,236.75 328.00 412.59 24,492.25
JAN 18   9,998.06 0.00 2,171.00 31.00 204.04 12,404.10
FEB 18   9,480.03 137.02 2,648.50 0.00 192.45 12,458.00
MAR 18   10,850.56 14.00 3,066.76 0.00 221.44 14,152.76
APR 18   15,157.19 50.00 4,017.00 0.00 308.31 19,532.50
MAY 18   10,053.82 30.00 3,119.25 0.00 205.18 13,408.25
JUN 18   10,930.43 150.94 2,946.75 0.00 223.07 14,251.19
JUL 18   13,207.95 0.00 3,197.75 0.00 269.55 16,675.25
AUG 18   11,932.97 340.00 3,255.25 0.00 243.53 15,771.75
TOTAL YEAR 141,103.67 3,049.96 35,875.14 1,035.00 2,875.58 183,939.35
Recap of Operating Funds
General Fund      
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 -19,379.32
Income       136,590.13
Bank Interest Received   3,456.77
Expenses     -135,845.26
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 -15,177.68
College Fund      
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 1,164.10
Deposits     4,513.54
Expenditures     -3,600.00
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 2,077.64
Mission Fund      
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 7,487.16
Deposits     35,875.14
Expenditures     -33,029.78
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 10,332.52
Designated Fund      
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 4,452.67
Deposits     3,049.96
Expenditures     -2,801.46
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 4,701.17
Capital Improvement Fund    
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 394,528.80
Deposits     1,035.00
Expenditures     -8,257.74
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 387,306.06
Contingency Fund      
Balance in Account — 08/31/2017 1,466.79
Deposits     2,875.58
Expenditures     0.00
Balance in Account — 08/31/2018 4,342.37
Proposed Budget
Proposed General Fund Budget for 2018-2019
Church Operating Expenses Budget 2017/18 Actual 2017/18 Budget 2018/19
Senior Minister 68,600.00 69,110.00 71,600.00
Staff 12,000.00 13,400.00 11,400.00
Employee Expenses 1,750.00 1,790.00 1,750.00
Administrative Expenses 14,650.00 10,460.00 12,050.00
Copier Lease 3,200.00 3,330.00 3,200.00
Utilities 19,000.00 19,870.00 20,400.00
Building Maintenance 10,000.00 9,370.00 10,300.00
Grounds Maintenance 3,500.00 3,450.00 3,500.00
Christian Education 3,500.00 2,570.00 2,700.00
Music & Sound 1,650.00 490.00 1,400.00
Evangelism/Outreach 1,950.00 620.00 1,950.00
Ministry Expenses 1,650.00 1,670.00 1,700.00
Seminars & Training 750.00 -0- 750.00
Salaries Include: Senior Minister Housing Allowance Associate Minister of Youth Christmas Bonuses Minister of Music Moving Expenses Administrative Assistant Pianist IRS
Leadership Development Includes: Convention Allowance Conferences/workshops
Christian Education Includes: Sunday School Material Wee Worship Supplies Small Group Expenses
Youth Includes: Vacation Bible School Junior Church Sunday Evening Class Supplies High School & College Days Special activities/outings
Music/Video Includes: Adult & Youth Choirs (books, tapes, music) Music for General Worship Song books for General Worship Video expenses Guest Presentations
Outreach/Programs Include: Speakers/Special Programs Trunk & Treat Live Nativity
Church Supplies Include: Office Supplies Janitorial Supplies Funeral Flowers/Dinners Postage (including Caller) Other Flowers & Gifts Kitchen Supplies Communion Supplies Nursery Supplies
Utilities Include: Three Telephone Lines Gas Budget (heat) Electricity (lights and air conditioning, entrance sign and security Lights Water and Sewage Trash Collection Parsonage Utilities Building Security Insurance Includes: Church Package Umbrella Liability Workers’ Compensation
Maintenance Includes: Any Repair Work To Church Or Parsonage Maintenance Agreements On Office Equipment Lawn Maintenance/Snow Removal Sound/Video System Maintenance Computer Repairs Pest Control Building Improvements Purchase of New Equipment Cleaning Service
Graph of attendance, missions, general offerings (bottom to top symbol ### = 2016 / 2017 / 2018)